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12 Easy-to-Build DIY Wood Step Stool Plans

Having a wood step stool would be very helpful to access those hard-to-reach spots such as the highest space on the cabinet. It also helps your kids to get to the bathroom or kitchen sink.

Besides, a step stool can also be a nice seating every time you want to sit one level above the floor. This kind of small furniture is something you can easily pick up from the big box store.

However, why buying the stool when you can build your own? Here are 12 DIY step stool ideas you can explore to give the boost you need around the house.

Wood Stool with Single Step

This stool seems to have the simplest design in the list. As you can see, that classic construction meets its purpose and needs. It gives a perfect step for the shorter folks to reach a higher space whenever they need it.

This wood step stool is quite easy to build all you need are some pre-cut boards. Well, you can also make your cuts if you want. Next, use a jigsaw to build them all together.

Farmhouse Wooden Step Stool

Check out this wood stool. That step has a nice structure design which is perfect for the kids. It’s got two levels they will enjoy stepping on. The design itself is matched with the room.

If your interior is in a farmhouse style, you need to have this step stool. You don’t need a lot of money to make this functional furniture. The materials would only cost you about 9 bucks.

Scrap Wood and Shiplap Stool

One of the main characteristics of a DIY project is to get suitable materials as cheaply as possible. It would be perfect if the stuff wouldn’t cost a penny.

Take a look at the materials used to build this scrappy step stool. It looks sturdy even the structure is made of shiplap and scrap wood.

However, it provides a rustic appearance you may need to add to fulfill your interior style. You can add some handles on each side for great portability.

Stripey Step Stool

This interesting stool is far from boring. Instead of having a basic style of wooden step, you should aim to add a little personality to it.

With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can get the step stool with the most interesting natural pattern. As you can see, the DIYer of this stripey step lined up different colored rods to set up the colorful style.

Step Stool with Vintage Vibe

A more stylish look of a DIY wood step stool would be something to display around the room. You can have it as part of the decors inside the house. A color choice is quite crucial for this kind of vibe.

Add a more visual touch like the distressed paint and unique cutout of the structure would complete the design. You can find some inspirations for designing vintage furniture by visiting some antique stores nearby.

One-Tier Cedar Wood Step Stool

If you don’t want to get fussy with a complicated cutout or design, just go with the basic one. Check out this no-fuss step stool. It helps your kids to climb into bed, grab a book, or access the sink.

You just need a few reclaimed cedarwood and screws. Cut the wood into pieces and join them all together.

Wood Stool with Concrete Top

Combining a wooden material with a concrete one would be a very useful concept. As you can see, that slick wood step stool matches the entire look of the bathroom.

That concrete slab on top of the wood stool gives stability to the entire furniture. Make sure the structure is sturdy enough to be stepped on.

One Board Stool with Tapered Leg

The structure of this stepper only needs one board. This wood step stool has a tapered leg that would be very helpful for you to reach the upper heights.

This small stool allows you to zap those cobwebs in the ceiling’s corner. You can add a weathered look to give more character to the item.
Just apply a coat of crackle paint.

If your painting skill is above beginners, you can use the antiquing technique to get a distressed finish.

Country Chic DIY Wood Step Stool

This one can also be called a cross-step since it’s got an X spot on the back. That’s a typical design for country chic style. It’s gonna be a nice idea for your DIY wood step stool project.

The design is quite simple and easy to copy. When it’s not being used, the step can give a nice impression and decoration to any room. You can apply different colors between the structure and the step for a strong character.

Sleek and Lightweight Stool

If you’re a fan of furniture with a sleek design, this stepper is an outstanding inspiration for you. Since this wood stepper is lightweight, you can carry it easily around the house.

Wherever you need a bit more height, this sleek stool comes in handy. How about the design? It looks so simple and you can match it with any style decor of interior.

You can aim to build it as classic as possible. Stain it a bit to strengthen the character of the stool.

The Hybrid of Chair and Stair

Check out the smart design of this stepper. It doubles as a chair too. Your kids can use it to sit wherever they want.

One the sides, you can see they’re rounded and elongated. It is so untraditional but so functional in a house. If you want to make it comfortable for seating, you will need to find the right material for it.

Add a cushion. So, the little ones can sit longer. They can enjoy sitting on it while reading a storybook, drawing, or watching their favorite shows on TV.

Colorful Chair-Stair for Kiddos

Another hybrid version of a step stool, it will serve as a perfect item for the little ones to plop down or step on.

The rainbow color and fun design is the main idea of this project. Prepare some boards and rainbow paint samples to start the building.

Final Words

What are you waiting for? Let’s get ready and prepare all the types of equipment and materials needed to build your DIY wood step stool.

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