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Wood Wall Decor: 10 Ideas for Your Natural Room Barrier

It is such a shame to leave your wooden walls as they are without any decoration or touch whatsoever, as the ideas of wood wall decor are endless. Your imagination and creativity become the only limitation.

Wood walls make standout accents to any space with their deepness, appearance, and tenseness. You need a thorough plan before starting to execute, though.

This article will present ten ideas for wood wall decor. Please take note; we are not going to discuss any decoration made of woody materials, but the decorating inspirations for your wooden walls.

At least, we have to get this matter straight before going on any further since wood wall decor has a double meaning.

If you are ready then, let us scan through these 10 ideas of decorating a wood wall below!

1. Fusion Horizontal Stripes Wood Wall Decor Ideas


Your first example shows that wood wall decor ideas vary widely. Instead of giving something fancy to an existed wooden wall, it applies the other way around.

The designer nailed some stained boards onto an existed navy blue wall. Aside from painting, now you know another way to have striped walls.

An accent wall filled with texture is the only requirement to get all the transformations you want for a room. Thus, if you are fond of a log cabin, this idea could give you that feel.

2. Deer Head Busts Wood Wall Decor on Navy-Grey Pallet


It is only natural to have rustic wood wall decor appears in the said style. Interestingly, when your space has a share of modernity, the decoration does not rustically outperform the other theme.

At least, that is what is visible from this modern-rustic nursery. Instead of intimidating, the rustic deer head busts complement the new-age elements, like the chic and simple baby name in between.

3. Geometric Headboard Wall in Modern Style


This contemporary and modish room does not need any large wood wall decor whatsoever though it has a vast space above the headboard.

It is because the said large wood wall is the room decoration itself! With LED lights highlighting, everyone coming instantly knows that it is the entire space’s centerpiece.

The geometric pieces come in varying forms and measurements, so the LED lights are not the only elements that determine such a focal point.

4. Waved Beautifully for Stairway


Unless nature gives the shape, no one would ever think about shaping wood into waves, at least not until you see this wall.

By installing the interior of a music center building, this space is surely jaw-dropping. The making process involved fiberboard as well as Douglas fir lumber to create warmth and a full-of-texture area.

On a bigger scale, the wavy wall, naturally patterned floor, and the perforated screen, all lend the space a polished appearance.

5. Textured Wall in Modern Bedroom


The ideas of making the space above the headboard as an accent wall are varying in a wide range. You can execute anything, especially when the wood is the main topic.

This bedroom slat wall uses reclaimed wood to create the effect of overlapping fibers. The cause of dramatic visuals is the proper source of lighting above the bed.

6. Mahogany Paneling of Mid-Century Home


The key element of this living room interior design is in the mahogany paneling on the accent to the ceiling.

The entire room gets the best illumination from the large curtain-less window, recessed lighting fixture on the ceiling, and a pair of modern wall lamps on both sides of the fireplace.

Thus, the dark-toned natural wood wall decor feels less intimidating. Besides, applying lighter tones to the other walls, some furnishings, and several accessories could help you brighten the room.

7. TV Surrounded by a Wood Slat Accent Wall


If you are looking for wooden wall decor panels, this idea could help. By supporting a style of coastal, this fireplace arrangement is visibly faultless to be the interior of a beach house.

With neutral-toned flooring, ceiling, and furnishings surround, the natural wood wall is contrastingly standout.

8. Wood Wall Decor for Japandi Interior


People call some places ‘Japandi’ when the elements involved inside are a fusion of Japanese Zen and Scandinavian. It is such an exciting style, which creates a calming and less-fuss beauty within an interior.

The tones selected are mostly monochromatic to state the continuity of minimalism. Alternatively, neutral and light shades are the other favorite.

Low furniture is more preferable to be in this striking interior. The underlined word is indeed simplicity.

9. Salvage Barn Siding Builds Wood Accent Wall


As stated previously, the space above the headboard is usually the bedroom focal point. It applies to this modern-rustic slumber zone, as well.

The accent wall uses reclaimed wood installed horizontally to spell rustic, whereas the floating bed states a style of the new age. Together, they make the entire room looks clean and nifty.

10. Room Lamps Décor in Comfortable Farmhouse Living Room


Modern and farmhouse looks could be visible throughout the room, thanks to the involvement of salvaged barn wood that comes with adhesive strips at the back.

Some people might say that it is just an ordinary classic style due to the shiplap and barn doors. What they cannot notice is the seamless elements set.

Ceiling beams, large windows, paneled walls, and warm wood tones, all are so seamless and make the best theme for a lake house living room.

Besides the above examples, you can also do other things to make your wood paneling look good, such as add stripes on the panels, give layers of texture or pattern, paint the trim or the wall, and whitewash.

Alternatively, if you want a cheaper option, hiding the wood wall under some eye-catching artworks, shelves, or curtains would do.

In the process of making your wood wall gorgeously presentable, you might worry about damaging it in any way.

Regarding the matter, you could find several things helpful, like clothespins, decals, hooks with special adherents, magnetic paint, tapes with quirky decorative, and wire display.

well, what is your opinion about the wood wall decor ideas above? Giving your paneling some decoration is never a boring job because it fascinatingly suits multiple treatments and styles, right?

Happy decorating, then, dear readers!

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