Easy Steps to Make Wooden Coasters for Home Decoration and Gifts

You probably have a phone library or memory card full of photographs that take on summer vacation. It is time to picture your beautiful memories longer by craft a set of wooden coasters.

These photo coasters will be a perfect gift for your loved ones. You can create them with the whole family, as spending your quality time on the weekend.

These great gift ideas are easy to make and do not take many materials. Let your children draw your favorite memorabilia or photographs like newspaper clippings and ticket stubs.

Make sure to scan and get the photo printed. In addition, you have to prepare the materials needed for coasters by using pictures.

Follow the right tutorial step by step so you will not fail to make it for the first time. There are a lot of tips and tutorials that can be found on the internet which simple and fun to do.

If you want to share your creative mind, here some steps that need to do on how to make wooden coasters photo. Let us see your creativity.

Materials and Tools

These DIY wooden coasters are inexpensive and easy to make. Here are some materials and tools needed:

  • 12 mm plywood that can be bought on a local home improvement store
  • Photographs like memorabilia scanned artwork, etc. with a good format
  • Glue stick, wax paper, printer paper, 60 grit, and 120-grit sandpaper
  • Acrylic paint or varnish to make your photo coasters look shiny and durable
  • brush or foam to apply the acrylic paint properly
  • A spoon or reuse some coffee cups especially the paper one with no ridges that work best on your wooden coasters

Step by Step How to Make DIY Wooden Coasters

If you have already prepared the materials and tools, it is time to learn about how to make it.

Wooden coasters are simple ways to capture the moment in a unique and creative side. Here are some steps on how to make those kinds of stuff you need to know.

1. Cut the Wood

The first thing to do, you have to get your DIY wooden coasters; any type of wood is fine. Plywood 12 mm can be used and cut it into four-inch squares.

It is important to use smooth sanded wood so the photo would adhere well.

To remove splinters, sand each piece of the wood, as it is important to have a smooth and good surface to apply the photo.

You can use 60-grit sandpaper as the basic then use a 120-grit sheet for the second pass.

2. Preparing Wax and Print Paper

wooden coasters

Before you go to transfer the photo, prepare wax and printer paper first. Cut a piece of the materials to 8.5” x 11” or a letter-size.

You should stick the wax to a sheet of printer paper using glue to transfer the ink.

Also, do a little extra around the edges because it will be printed and to avoid a paper jam.

You can repeat the process for four to six sheets.

3. Print the Picture

DIY wooden coasters

Next, it is time to transfer your pictures, it could be four to six, but it depends on how many squares you have in the wooden coasters.

Photo-editing programs like Paint or Adobe Photoshop are needed to flip each to be a mirror image that will appear correctly when it is transferred.

You can crop each file into the wooden coaster square and resize the resolution to 1000 pixels or 3.3 inches. Last, place your doubled-up paper sheet into the printer and print it.

4. Step to Transfer the Picture

wooden coaster square

The next step is to transfer the printed picture by flip it into the wooden coasters with the ink side down. Make sure the position is in the center of the square.

You can press it with the back of a spoon or a cup. Then, just hold the paper firmly while you rub it. Make several passes over it to transfer the picture properly to the wood.

After that, you can remove the paper and see your photo now totally transferred in simple ways in the wooden coasters.

5. Decorate Photo Coasters

DIY wooden coasters

You can decorate your DIY wooden coasters photo by using the acrylic paint and varnish. Choose a few colors that you like and coordinate with the photos.

Then, brush the paint around the edges, do it carefully, and let it dry. When it dries, you can coat the entire wooden coaster square using an acrylic varnish as a final addition.

6. Enjoy the Photo Coasters

wooden coaster DIY

As you finish your wooden coasters, pack them up, and give them as gifts for the loved ones. The photo is going to be a unique gift for a friend and family.

In addition, the varnish can protect your photos and makes for easy cleanup. If they get any stains on them, just wipe the photo coasters with a damp cloth.

7. Photo Coasters Display Tips

The collection of photo coasters can create creative display and demand attention in a room. You can mount cork, cardboard, or any lightweight material to the wall.

Decide how you want to arrange the wooden coasters by measuring the space. Use a ruler to ensure that the spacing is accurate and straight.

Once you are satisfied, put the coasters with wall mount adhesive so it will not damage your walls.

If you do not want to mount the photo coasters directly on the wall, get narrow picture shelves to display your photos on walls and in stairwells.

This is one of the best solutions to hanging them wherever you want to make the display of your coasters.

That is the tutorial and tips on how to make wooden coasters you should try. It can be a great idea to display your photographs in creative ways.

The coasters are easy to make and you can get the materials in a home improvement store nearby. While you make it, ask your kids for help and let them show their creativity into the wooden mat.

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