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15 Yard Fence Ideas on A Budget Best Ideas

If you’re looking for some of the most affordable ways to build a yard fence, you have come to the right place. This outdoor element of the house will add security, privacy, and beauty to it.

It’s important to get the right fence for your house according to the width and budget you have. Besides keeping away outside disturbance, it can also improve the home’s curb appeal on a budget.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a fence. However, some materials could be pricey, such as vinyl and aluminum.

So, we provide you with the yard fence ideas that are affordable to copy. From the utilitarian to the attractive ones. Check these out.

Pine Wood Yard Fence

Before it’s used as the main material of your grounds fence, the pinewood panels need to be chemically treated. It will resist the pests and rot to improve durability.

You will spend about 12 to 19 dollars per linear foot for the pinewood fence. Moreover, you may need to check the panel to make sure that they’re not green or damp.

Chain Link of Steel Wires

When you decide to save a budget for the yard fence, a chain link comes to mind. It’s structured with thick steel wires that are hooked together to form a barrier for your large outdoors.

Comparing to the solid fence, this one, of course, doesn’t have the privacy you may need. However, it’s quite effective to keep intruders out and pets in.

As you can see, this kind of grounds fence won’t provide the attractiveness to your outdoor space. Also, you can plant a fast-growing vine to give it some character.

If you grow enough vine all over the fence, it means you can get more privacy.

Stylish Wrought Iron Fence

When it comes to materials with great quality and durability, you could be dealing with some pricey stuff. Well, that’s right. Some wrought iron designs may cost a lot of money.

However, you can go with plain black ones. That’s a lower-end choice of the price range. You should avoid having the galvanized one too cause it’s quite expensive.

Barbed Wire

A low-cost option of yard fence may be a perfect choice to make especially if your house is in rural areas. That’s because the use of barbed wires as a fence material is only allowed in those areas.

Grid-Like Pattern Metal Wire Fence

People use this fence material to give boundaries to property or small animals. It’s done by stringing the metal over a series of wood frames.

This dirt-cheap material is just perfect for your budget. Aim for a nice looking wood to make the fence more attractive.

Electric Fence for Yard

This one can be considered as an extreme option of guarding the yard. It will deter human and animal intruders. This low-cost option comes with a simple setup. You will need some wire strands and wooden or metal posts.

Unfortunately, it’s only permitted in rural areas where the house has a wider yard.

Used Wood Pallet

It’s a DIY friendly material that you can get for absolutely free. Some people need to buy it for a very low price from the stores. You can just install it horizontally or vertically according to your taste.

Make sure you pick the pallet that has the IPPC logo. It’s got the durability you’ll need for a fence.

Cedar or Chestnut Wood Split-Rail Fence

This kind of grounds fence is traditionally used on ranches or farms. However, some homes that have southwestern styles are suitable for this material of boundary.

Usually, a split-rail is made of chestnut or cedarwood. It doesn’t get you to lose a lot of budgets because this yard fence doesn’t waste many logs of woods.

Picket Fence Yard

For a more attractive look, you should aim for this, a symbol of the American Dream. The decorative design of the picket style on your fence will improve the curb appeal of the house.

It’s perfect for the Colonial or Georgian style of a house. From the front, the design looks matching and attractive.

Dog-Ear Yard Fence

Unlike the picket style, this one has a modern twist. As you can see, there’s an inverted shape of the curve on each fence.

You can also get the one with more complex woodcuts but it would eventually cost more money than you’ve already planned.

Lattice Style Grounds Fence

yard fence

This solid wood fence has a nice twist on the upper part. There’s a lattice style addition that could attract the eyes. The lattice can also be used to grow some vine. So, the fence design would look more natural and elegant.

Green Thumbs Privet Fence

yard fence

Greenery as a fenced yard is not something new in the world of the outdoor design of homes. Privet seems to be the perfect choice to boost privacy.

You should choose the right species of privet. It’s recommended you aim for the semi-evergreen shrubs. However, it needs time to grow. Take care of the plans well and wait for the satisfying result.

Bushy Plants as Fence

yard fence

Beside privet, this kind of plant may do the work too. If the house took place near the coast, it’s a perfect choice of fence. That’s because it can survive salt-bearing winds alike.

When it’s fully grown, it can reach up to 10 feet. It’s not just about the privacy and boundary, it’s about the color burst.

Bamboo Fence

yard fence

Another plant-based fence, a bamboo plant is probably a nice pick to consider. It’s great for a house with a tropical modern style.

A bamboo will boost the shade and comfort of the outdoor space. If you get the wrong species, it will spread fast and far. Be considerate.

Yew Yard Fence

yard fence

These slow-growing plants offer a comfortable atmosphere for those who live in a location with sunny and cloudy climates alike.

To reach its maturity, you have to wait for years. The key to growing this yard fence is patience and consistency.

Overall, installing a yard fence is not as hard as you think but it’s pretty challenging though. One thing that you know now is the affordability. It’s perfect in any budget.

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