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Yard Sale Signs to Notify People of Your Event

Rather than throwing your unused stuff in the garbage, why do you not make a flea market to sell them out? This way, you can get rid of them and make money at the same time.

To make sure that all your goods are sold out, start putting up your yard sale signs.

Making a yard sale seems easy and simple. However, if you do not do it right, you may be just wasting your time in the sun.

Therefore, before starting to sell, know some important tips on how to make your flea market a blast for you and the customers.

1. Tips on Making your Garage Sale a Success

If you are planning to make a yard sale, you must have things to sell. If not, what are you going to offer to others?

Thus, start sorting your things and take out the belongings that you are not using anymore. Make a storage container to keep the process easy. 

After piling them up, it is time to determine the price of the products. To help, it is best to stick the price on them so that you do not forget.

Then, gather them in one place so that you can easily display them in your yard sales. 

Next, the key to having a successful flea market is making sure that people will be coming. To make others notice, hang on some yard sale signs around your neighborhood.

The more the signs, the better the outcome will be. Thus, your things can be sold in no time.

Make sure to hang the yard sale signs 1–2 weeks before the event and make them in large. You can also add an advertisement in your local newspaper or billboard, so the word will spread. 

When the day has come, put on yard sales signs to show where the location is. This will catch people’s eyes and lure them in. You can also arrange your big interesting belongings in the front.

This will, at least, make people more attracted to your place.

2. Garage Sale Signs Ideas 

One of the factors of a successful garage sale is when people come and buy your belongings. You might not be able to sell them all, but at least 75% of them should be sold out. 

For this to happen, you need as many people to come and buy. Therefore, advertising your event with garage sale signs is important to do at least a week before the event. 

To make sure that people read them, make sure to hang the garage sales signs in visible places, for example, on the billboard, poles, and even glass walls of a supermarket. 

If this is done, come up with detailed and attractive garage sales signs ideas. This way, people will take note of them and come to your event. 

Now, for those who are planning to make a yard sale sign, they can try out some of these tips and inspiration. 

• Printable Yard Sale Signs

Using printable yard sales signs is one of the easiest ways to show where your event isAll you need to do is design writing on your computer and print them out. 

However, to make sure that people can see them, use bold and big letters. Choose colors that people can see, like black, brown, or navy.

Also, maximize the size of the paper so that the writings block the whole papers. 

A great thing about using these kinds of yard sale signs is that they are affordable and easy to get, so print out as much as you can and start putting them up in your neighbors.

However, if you are planning to make more yard sales in the future, you should laminate the signs. This way, it will last longer, and you will not need to make a new one later. 

• Funny Yard Sale Signs

Yard Sale Signs

To make people notice what you have been putting, make the designs interesting and different. One of the ways to do this is by making funny yard sales signs.

Rather than using plain white signs, why do you not be more creative? Make funny sentences on the board or add pictures of your favorite idol, too.

At least, this way, people will stop by and see what happens.

For example, you can use this kind of sentence in your sign, “Life is like a yard sale; you will never know what you get until you come.”

• Yard Sale Signs with Stakes

Yard Sale Signs

Yard sale signs with stakes may not be the first choice for many people. It is more expensive and bigger than paper notifications, so you cannot post them just anywhere. 

However, these kinds of yard sale signs are more eye-catching because the writings are also bigger. Without too much effort, people will read them and make them come to your event. 

You can get yard sale signs with stakes by making one yourself or buying them in stores. Usually, they are available for around $10 each.  

If you do decide to buy a sale sign, make sure it is strong and sturdy, as they will be put outside for a while. Thus, check out the materials first and see if it is capable enough. 

The important point of yard sale signs is to make it readable, even from far away. If it is possible, people from 10–15 yards away should be able to read them.

To help this, make the letters large and bold, too.

On the other hand, if you are using yard sale signs from paper, hang them in all the places you can, starting from your favorite supermarket, school, and even subway.

This way, more people will read it and notify the event. 

On the day of the event, do not forget to draw the arrows towards the location. It is best to hang them up on each corner or turn, so people can easily find them.

Moreover, if you are planning to make this event eventually, it is best to laminate your yard sale signs, so you can use them later, too. 

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